Analytical Reasoning written by M.K. Pandey

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The book 'Analytical Reasoning’ is a very effective study material to work on a student’s logical and Reasoning skills. Authored by M.K. Pandey, the book is specially published keeping in mind the formats and questions asked in various competitive exams. You can free download the PDF file of Analytical Reasoning written by M.K. Pandey. It focuses on establishing the basics around the topic of logic and reasoning. The author uses clear and logical language using comprehensive descriptions of topics like Data Sufficiency, Strengthening and Weakening Arguments, Coded Relationships, Analytical Decision-Making and Evaluating Inferences and explains effectively, allowing the students to grasp the key concepts.

  1. This book is divided in two segments to help students in planning their studies efficiently which are as follows:-
  • Reasoning based on Logic:-Reasoning based on logic contains segments like basics of logic, assumptions, evaluating inferences and forcefulness of arguments etc.
  • Reasoning based on Rules:-It contains segments like syllogism, analytical decision, input-output miscellaneous, coded inequalities and problem solving etc.
  1. Various competitive examinations like CAT and GMAT include Analytical Reasoning in their syllabus and hence it is crucial for students to have complete knowledge of this subject. This book provides ample knowledge and sheds light on all crucial aspects of Analytical Reasoning. The focus of this book is on basics of the subject of logic and reasoning and other aspects which are as follows:-
  • The book includes discussions on argument-based questions,
  • Assumption-based questions as well as questions based on inference,
  • It provides the students with all the necessary skill set and trick set to solve the logical and analytical reasoning problems in competitive exams quickly and more importantly correctly.
  • It offers students enough practice through questions.
  • Every chapter begins with important points, detailed explanation and has questions for practice at the end.
  • The questions are selected keeping in mind the needs and structure of competitive exams.
  • It is an ideal book for building a strong foundation for analytical reasoning.
  1. You can also free download the Study Material for Reasoning Sectionfor different types of exam.

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