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The Quantum CAT By Sarvesh Kumar Verma PDF is the bestseller book in the market. Quantitative Aptitude stems the core part of an individuals’ analytical and logical ability for solving complex problems, making it a best tool for qualifying CAT and other MBA Exams like CAT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP, IIFT. This book adopts a solution-oriented approach for aspirants seeking admission for MBA Exam, doctoral and executive programmes. With more than 300 concepts discussed and over 4000 fully solved problems allow students to practice with rigour for Quantitative Aptitude section of the exam. The book also provides Shortcut Techniques, Analytical Methods and Inspirational Approach to crack CAT. With over plenty of problems taking roots from the book every year in exams like CAT 2009, SNAP, IIFT Test the book is recommended best selling study resource to the aspirants.

This book is being read by students who are preparing for MBA exams as well as Government Exams. Students use this book to learn various topics like Averages & Mixtures, Basic Arithmetic Operations, Profit Loss & Discounts, Percentages, Time and Work, Algebra, Geometry Portion and many more topics. This book provides comprehensive, topic-wise/subject-wise updated Quantitative material for various competitive examinations like CAT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP, IIFT, SSC, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, UPSC, PSC, Bank PO, Bank Clerk, CDS, NDA, LIC, Bank & Insurance, Railway, Police, Other Competitive Exams.

Content of Quantum CAT By Sarvesh Kumar Verma PDF:-

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Averages
  3. Allegations
  4. Ratio
  5. Proportion & Variation
  6. Percentages, Profit
  7. Loss & Discount
  8. CI/SI/Installments
  9. Time & Work
  10. Time
  11. Speed & Distance
  12. Mensuration
  13. Trigonometry
  14. Geometry
  15. Elements of Algebra
  16. Theory of Equations
  17. Set Theory
  18. Logarithm
  19. Functions & Graph
  20. Sequence
  21. Series & Progressions
  22. Permutations & Combinations
  23. Probability and Co-ordinate Geometry

So here in this article, we have given the link of PDF E-Book, so here you can Download the Book for free here.

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