A step by step guide to becoming a teacher in India

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Teachers play a great role in the economic development of any country. Schooling is a fundamental aspect of the development of a country. When the youth of  society is educated, a bright future is born. Teachers provide us with the education that helps us progress and amplify our quality of life, therefore contributing such a lot to both the individuals and society as an entire . an educator increases the productivity and creativity of scholars and thus , of future workers. When students are pushed to be ingenious and productive, they're altogether more susceptible to be entrepreneurial and make technological advances which can ultimately cause the economic development of a Nation.


Having said all this, is teaching a lucrative career in India?  The way to deal with educating as a vocation shouldn't be just about the money. Compensation is a certain something yet the obligations and duties that accompany this respectable activity draw past the lengths of a simple expected set of responsibilities. However, in India, a teaching job requires a prior eligibility test and passing that test in order to apply for teaching jobs. Candidates who have appeared for the Teacher’s eligibility test, can check their CTET Result and find out if they have cleared the exam or not.

The enthusiastic candidates interested in knowing their exam performance can also check out the answer key that the board releases immediately after the exam. An answer key is a document that has all the correct answers for the exam questions. This helps the candidate calculate how many marks they may get depending on the correct and incorrect answers. The candidate can download the CTET Answer key from the official website of the board. But how are you going to grow to be a teacher in India? Mentioned below are some of the key pointers that the candidate can follow;

  1. Acquire some prior experience - Before you decide to become a teacher and start your preparations, be confident that you have the patience and constitution to be around children or teenagers for the better part of your day. If you cannot sustain the environment of teaching or working around kids or young adults and still desire to teach and make a difference, consider teaching after-school classes, coaching, or opportunities of teaching a group of mature adults.
  2. Standard / Age group Decision - SInce it will make a difference with regards to what degree or certificate you will require, this is one of the most important decisions. If you are not sure which age group suits you more, try to get some experience to find out. For example, to teach a high school, you’ll need to decide on specialization during your diploma.
  3. A Specialised Degree - All the full-time teaching jobs require specialized degrees nowadays. Any bachelor’s degree is the bare minimum requirement for these courses. While some privately run schools do not require a teaching certificate, the vast majority, mainly Government run schools in India do. This educational coursework includes curriculum development, using instructional technology, student management and classroom management.
  4. Eligibility Tests – Many states in India conduct their own Teacher’s Eligibility test that the candidates that are interested in teaching Government-run schools have to qualify. These exams have an elaborate syllabus covering all the aspects and qualities that they want their teachers to have. You will be required to give these entrance exams to qualify to apply in schools for teaching jobs.


There are some important attributes that make the difference between an honest teacher and a very great teacher who becomes an idea to their students. Qualities like compassion, passion for learning and children, Understanding, Patience, ability to be a role model, communications across generations and cultures, and the willingness to put in 100% effort are important attributes to becoming a great teacher. Do you think you have these qualities? If the answer is a resounding yes, you can be a great teacher and help mold the future of your county.


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