Are your Devices Spying on You?

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Security is a significant concern these days. With the advancement in technology, hacking has become a very common activity. Unfortunately, we are the ones to blame for high-security risks.

Do you know, the smart devices which we use are in fact spying on us? Internet of Things is a boon as well as a curse. While it makes our life easy, it can also be responsible for malicious activities like spying.

What is IOT?

It is a system or a network of objects. These objects or things are interconnected with each other. They can collect data and transfer it. They do it using wireless networks.

There is no human intervention at all. These things are smart, and they work on their own. In simple words, it means connecting various devices with the internet.

These devices will share the data with each other. xsmb Academy provides complete training in IoT. It helps individuals to make IoT safer and secure using modern knowledge.


People are connecting various smart devices in their home with a Wi-Fi connection.

You can connect your smartphone, smart speaker, smart TV, smart lights, smart camera and many other devices with the internet.

After connecting these devices, you can operate any device with your phone as a remote and via voice command using Alexa.

How the Smart Devices Spy On You?

As we know, smart devices use IoT technology to work. If these devices have an unsecured connection, anyone can misuse it.

Unsecured IoT devices can easily turn against you. Hackers can easily make them work as bots and control them. They use these devices to spy on you.

As we know every household either have 5 or 6 smart devices in their home. Most of these devices have an in-built microphone and camera. It constantly records all your activities and stores it in a database.

You need to make sure these devices are secure. Anybody can easily misuse them if you are not vigilant.

List of Risky IoT Devices:

These are the most dangerous devices. They are vulnerable to security issues. Most users don’t pay attention to security while using these devices. If you fail to do so, these devices will turn against you.

  1. Amazon Alexa: It is one of the most popular voice assistants by Amazon. As we know, Alexa is equipped with a microphone. It records everything you say in your home. It stores all the conversations. You need to delete it from time to time.
  2. Smart Security Camera: It a paradox that security camera can become a major security threat. It uses a camera to record everything. If a hacker gets to it, they will get the live footage of your home. You need to secure it.
  3. Smart TVs: Most of the smart TVs have an in-built camera; it records everything. Also, it tracks all your online activities, along with passwords. You need to take measure to prevent it.
  4. Baby Monitor: Hackers can easily hack baby monitor and watch your child. They can even speak to them using the speaker. Use strong passwords to keep it secure.
  5. Smart Thermostat: There have been cases where this device was responsible for sending your private data to others. It doesn’t even encrypt the data and shares it across networks.
  6. Smart Toys: A hacker can hack the smart toy and speak to your child. With a camera, they can get all the footage as well.

One should be very careful when dealing with IoT devices as anything which is connected to the internet can be hacked.

Looking at the security concerned, many organizations have started their own teaching programs.

One such program is XSMB Coking IoT Academy. They mainly focus on using modern technology to overcome security issues with IoT devices.

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