How to Crack UPSC IAS Exam in the First Attempt

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UPSC examinations are officially the toughest examinations that are held in the country every year by the Union Public Service Commission. The examination is divided among 3 parts, that is, the prelims, the mains, and finally, the interview. The examination is attended by people throughout the country in the hopes of clearing it and securing a position in the Indian bureaucracy. The Indian bureaucracy is among the most respectable and highest paid government jobs out there and the benefits along with the job itself are overwhelming. This makes it obvious why people all across the nation give this prestigious examination a try.  But the deed is not that simple. There are hours and hours of studying, innumerable sacrifices, and Study Material for IAS involved.

Crack IAS in first attempt

Candidates always target for clearing the examination in the first go. And why wouldn’t they? With a limited number of opportunities in hand, it is apparent that every candidate appearing for the examination would want to clear the civil services exam in the first attempt. But how is that possible? The write-up below along with Study Material for IAS will help you in doing so. With personal pointers and tips from professionals, this following piece will help you in cracking the UPSC exam. Have a look.

  1. The General Studies Paper 1

The first general studies paper is the first and foremost target. Up till the year 2014, the general studies exam, which is also termed as the CSAT examination, was the simplest and quickest way to clear the IAS UPSC prelims examination. However, in the year 2015, certain changes were made in the examination pattern and this method was no more valid.

On the fundamental level, going over every subject and covering all corners via Study Material for IAS is the best possible way to crack the UPSC civil services examination. It is also not recommended to just streamline your focus on one particular subject thinking that most of the questions will come from that subject only. Similar, it is also advised to not miss easy and expected questions from relatively simpler subjects such as geography, economics, polity, and history. This process can be boosted by going through and covering every part of the NCERT books and previous years’ question paper sets. You can also go through Study Material for IAS like Sriram IAS notes. It is also advised to do so if you have less time and need to speed up the process a little bit. There are certain areas that you should keep an eye on such as environment and culture. These areas are competitive and need to be utilized in order to crack the UPSC. Current affairs is also a subject that can earn you major marks on the examination. You need to mug up pointers related to the latest schemes, policies, and bills launched by legal authorities or government. Vision IAS test series and Vajiram IAS Notes can prove to be very helpful.

  1. Practice Heavily On Mock Examinations

This is particularly one area of concern that differentiates the average from the best candidates. Even in schools and colleges, it is always advised to give mock papers and keep on doing it till you get it right. Similarly, in UPSC prelims, mock papers play an important role. Mock examinations are key elements in the entire preparation process. Successful candidates always prepare via mock tests. Mock tests prepare you for the upcoming hurdles and also let you know where you lack and what areas you need to focus on more. They also fill you up with the necessary confidence which is very important. Sriram IAS Notes can come in handy in preparation for mock tests.

  1. Select The Right Books

Studying is important. That is something that is already understood. But you also need to study from the right books. You cannot expect to study the wrong books and expect to be the topper of the UPSC exams. Therefore, it is very important to know which books and study materials you need to study and cover for the prelim examinations. NCERT books, for instance, are a must read for all the UPSC exam candidates as they help to build the fundamentals of the paper. These books allow candidates to prepare for both the examinations, that is, the prelims and mains. Sriram IAS Notes are a very good choice in this regard.

  1. Select An Approach

No matter what you do, what you read, what you study, how many hours you out in, you will always need a strategy or an approach. This approach will help you concentrate your efforts on one goal and achieve that goal. This will also help you get clarity on the vast amount of subjects and topics. The idea is to make it easier for you to prepare for your exams. For instance, the topics in prelims and mains often overlap. It is seldom but it happens. Therefore, if the preparation is done in an integral way, where the topics for both the exams are covered, it would obviously be more beneficial. This will simply help you get the competitive edge over your competition.

  1. Have A Clear And Relaxed Mind

Going into the exam hall with a clear mind and a calm brain is vital for the exam. There are a lot of things that go on the mind on exam day. It is a very natural process. Instead of running away from it, you should accept it and embrace it. Be attentive, be careful, and be aware of your surroundings. The key is in being confident.

All the best!

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