Things to consider before quitting your job for UPSC preparations

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Quitting jobs before preparing for UPSC is a very trivial decision for aspirants. So, what are the things that an aspirant should really consider before making a decision? Would the decision prove to be right and beneficial or would it bring along additional struggle and obstacles? Would an aspirant be able to prepare as well as a student who doesn’t work? These are some of the questions that arise in the mind of each aspirant but they are generally clueless about the answer. This blog is put together with the aim of providing clarity in regards to the factors that should be considered in order to decide if it is ideal to quit job before starting the preparation. Read on to see.

UPSC - Civil Services Examination (IAS) Preparation

  • Pause and question -

The basic thing you need to understand while considering to quit the job before starting your preparation is that you are more or less looking for a job change. Just like any other, the civil services is just different job and the question you need to ponder upon is that why you want to be a part of the civil services and not some other sector, industry or profession. There is a lot beyond the larger than life image that the civil services portray. It is not just about roaming around in an Ambassador car and enjoying the luxuries of life. To earn all that you will have to toil yourself day and night. And, even if you earn it, there would be a lot more hard work that you would need to put in to justify the role.

  • Financial and emotional support -

Financial and emotional backing is also important. Clearing the UPSC is not the job of a single individual. It requires strong team efforts. The team includes your family members and close friends. While considering to quit your job, include them in your decision and seek their opinion. After all, they will the ones who will be supporting you throughout the roller coaster of emotional as well financials highs and lows. Also, you will have to figure out, if you will be able to live in a financially comfortable situation once you quit your job. Consider if you will comfortable asking your parents for cash to fulfill your occasional requirements and fund study materials. Also, your friends should be accepting and comfortable of your limitations pertaining to finances.

  • Work hours -

Ask yourself if you will able to patiently sit and study for long hours. The situation might be even more trivial if you have completed your studies and left college long back. It can get really impossible to continuously devote such long hours of study if it has been like a decade back that you left your studies. While in a job, you may be able to work on problems and see the results of success or failure instantly, UPSC preparations are completely different. The syllabus is vast and you may end up feeling there you are making very little progress and that could get really disheartening.

There are the few tips following which you will be able to make decisions related to quitting your job before beginning with UPSC preparations. As for starting your preparations, Vajiram notes in conjugation with NCERT textbooks are the best options to choose.

While NCERT text books will enable you to cover every topic in details, Vajiram notes will help you to revise topics that you learn. They would also be helpful to draw your focus on topics that you may have likely missed on.

The above tips regarding quitting jobs may also come in handy for the SSC students. SSC GS notes and other SSC notes are a good way for SSC students to ace the said exams.  SSC GS notes are available on online sources and various other channels at reasonable prices.

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