How Important is to go Through UPSC Test Series to Crack UPSC 2018?

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UPSC prelims 2018 are approaching near and thus, making aspirants intense how to do effective preparation to crack the exam. Students must be thinking of various strategies to clear the objective assessment. The thought of opting for the UPSC test series is the most appropriate choice now. According to experts, UPSC test series are really important for self-assessment and familiarize students pertaining to the exam format. The test series let them know their efficiency and thus, help to improve their preparation. Therefore, aspirants should timely enrol for the UPSC test series. By consistent practice, UPSC
notes and test series can help increase aspirants’ problem-solving speed. Thus, the chances of negative marking reduce and students can easily solve paper without getting stressed.

In India, UPSC exam is considered one of the toughest exams by academicians. To clear the exam, an aspirant must possess the good knowledge, impressive personality traits and time-management skills. Mainly, the preliminary exam is the first assessment in the civil services exam. After qualifying the primary assessment, only then an aspirant can proceed further. Thus, this exam should not be taken lightly, and adequate concentration and hard work should be done to qualify it.

To make the preparation effectual, the aspirants should go for prelims UPSC test series. Aspirants can get the series from any reputed educational institutions. The test series are also available at education web portals. For the comfort of students, UPSC test series are available in Hindi as well as the English language. Hence, a student can choose any type of series according to their language preference.

Integral Things Associated With UPSC Test Series

Generally, a complete set of UPSC test series consists of 40 test papers. In these test papers, 30 papers are related to GS, whereas remaining 10 papers are related to CSAT. It is up to candidates, which test type they want to practice, as they have to make a choice amid the two.

The preliminary assessment is an important stage and thus, should be taken seriously. Practice the test series regularly and study UPSC notes to evaluate performance. Through consistent preparation, aspirants can become time-efficient and solve problems without losing marks. For better understanding, here is an illustration for you.

1. After grasping the practical and theoretical knowledge of history, the aspirant should do the UPSC test Series.
2. The test series will help clear the basic concepts related problems and help reduce the possibility of negative marking.
3. In the end, the test will broaden an aspirant’s perspective and boost the
preparation process.Nature of Preliminary Assessment in UPSC Exam
Being the first assessment, the preliminary assessment is greatly presumed to be easy.

The objective nature of the exam also brims up this falsification. Though, the reality is different. UPSC exam has 2-hour duration, wherein 180 questions need solving by the aspirants. Out of these 180 questions, 100 questions are linked to GS and the rest are linked to CSAT. Hence, to solve all questions the candidate need to give 1.5 minutes or even, lesser than that, to solve each question.

In the two hours’ time, the candidate should try to answer every question wisely as the wrong question can result in negative marking. After knowing the detailed information about the exam, you will know the difficulty level of the paper. Therefore, it is necessary to practice UPSC series rigorously.

Main Benefits of Practicing UPSC Test Series

An aspirant can’t jump to the assessment without going through the preparation
process. UPSC notes and test series play a significant role in appraising candidates performance. The test series serve various other benefits. Some of them are listed below-

1. Acquaint Aspirants with the Latest Exam Pattern

UPSC notes and test series help aspirants’ to know latest exam pattern. After knowing the pattern, the students can indulge in preparation process without losing the focus.

2. Increases Predictability

By practising the test series, the aspirants can easily predict what type of question can come in exams. Students can prepare subjects, accordingly, by giving proper time to important topics.

After knowing the benefits of the IAS study material, you have realized the importance of it in the UPSC preparation. To grasp further knowledge regarding UPSC notes or test series, visit Notes Mantra. Notes mantra is an educational web portal and supplies UPSC notes in Hindi as well as English.

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