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UPSC CSE Preparations are one of the toughest of all. Students from all parts of the country spend a large amount of time preparing for examinations with the ultimate aim to become an IAS Officer. However, only a few are able to live up to their dreams. And the rest either keeps trying year after year to get a civil post or simply give up!

At Notesmantra, we believe in giving each candidate equal opportunity to not only pass the UPSC CSE papers, but also have better rankings with our Books for IAS Preparation. We ensure students understand the core subjects they are studying and the concepts to be able to answer any question in the examinations.

Our Books for IAS Preparation have been devised by the experienced teachers with great expertise and used by UPSCE CSE Toppers during their time to clear CSE Papers with flying colors. Our ultimate aim is to increase the ratio of number of students passing the exam. We also aim to give them the ability to fulfill their dreams without spending too much time or money with our special Books for IAS Preparation.

We aim to deliver quality education to each candidate who wishes to become a civil officer to serve the country. We do so by providing comprehensive study material, detailed yet crisp notes, and brain-scratching test series with our Books for IAS Preparation.

Notesmantra is your one-stop destination to get the right study material and guidance for making your dreams come true. We serve you with the best Books for IAS Preparation covering every subject in detail for giving you the capability to solve any question without fear! Our focus remains on offering quality notes, test papers, and Books for IAS Preparation that are easy to comprehend and let you do some brainstorming to crack the IAS Prelims in one go!



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