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Civil Services aspirants generally look for “all in one text” options to prepare for Economics. However, the Economic section in UPSC examinations is largely based on current affairs. Hence, there is hardly any study material that covers all aspects of the subject in one.

Excel with Economic Notes from Notesmantra:

At Notesmantra, we provide UPSC aspirants with comprehensive Economic notes that are relevant and to the point. Our notes help aspirants to focus on important subject matter and avoid things that are irrelevant.

Economic notes for UPSC preparations should include aspects of Indian Economy along with the most up to date economic surveys. These Economic notes should also discuss the latest budgets precisely.

Students can divide economic preparation into the following 2 stages:

  • Understand the basic concepts first: Before you can become an expert in any subject, you need to be aware of its intricacies. Learn the various terminologies such as GDP, Supply, Demand, Inflation, REPO, etc.
  • Learn the application of these concepts: Once you learn these terminologies, read about their application in day-to-day concepts. When you do that, you will also be heads up with the latest ongoing in the field of Economics.

With the help of Economic Notes from Notesmantra, learning will always be fun as they get you thorough with the conceptual part. Our Economic notes cover all topics that may possibly be questioned in the UPSC examinations.

We tie up with various educational platforms in order to bring the best quality notes and study material for our consumers. Although precise, our notes would keep you ahead of others at any given point in time.

At Notesmantra, we focus on making quality and affordable education available to the people from even the most modest backgrounds and remotest locations.



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