Public Administration Notes

Public Administration Notes for Civil Service Exam

Public Administration has a tremendous scope for high marks in the Civil Services exam. This is the reason why so many students in India choose Public administration as the optional subject in the Civil service exams.  Its paper is bit static in nature; a candidate just needs to stay updated on the current affairs that constitute about 30% of the paper.

Notes Mantra has been instrumental in providing Civil service experts Public administration notes and other study material to help them during preparation.

You can use our Public Administration notes for IAS and other UPSC exams in India. Our study notes are available online; you just need to place an order from the comfort of your home.

The study notes we provide you have been prepared by the best IAS training faculty in India. They are previous toppers of civil service exams who have years of experience in preparing students for Civil Services exams.

 Why Notes Mantra Public Administration Notes?

Our Public Administration notes cover current affairs as well as static areas of the subject.  In our study notes for Public Administration subject, you will find the latest updated info about Human Development, World Bank and Yojana. The vastness of our study material makes it a most unique and unmatchable compilation for the students. We have exploited all relevant sources while preparing the Public Administration notes.  From basic textbooks to comprehensive national and international reports, we have consulted every resource to prepare study notes for Civil service students.

Care has been taken that study material covers every topic mentioned in the syllabus.  No area or the topic has been left out to ensure you don’t miss any marks in the exam and become successful with the highest number of marks.

In addition to Public Administration notes, there are books, questions series, references and other resources about Public Administration. Use our notes and benefit on the Final exam.



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