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Become a better Teacher with the best Teaching Notes

A teaching note is an integral part of teaching and is quite important for any faculty which aims at teaching classes using the case studies. To this end, relying on teaching notes is the go-to staple for many teachers, as it complements the quality of teaching. Based on what you decide to teach in your class, you can avail relevant teaching notes from us at Notes Mantra. We can help you conceptualize and better use this tool in your classroom. As far as teaching notes are concerned, there are no set rules of forming them, but generally, the ideal notes are meant to be as informative and straightforward as possible.

How can you Integrate Notes Mantra’s Teaching Notes in how you teach?

  • In essence, a teaching note provides an overview of any case and its issues that you want to showcase and discuss as part of the case study. They can either be short, outlines of what you need to teach, but can also be long and narrative in nature.
  • The teaching notes you obtain from us at Notes Mantra will contain an overview of the case, a synopsis that skates over all the important bits and pieces.
  • Furthermore, it will enable you to set some learning objectives for the case you are having discussed in the classroom.
  • We, at Notes Mantra will ensure that the teaching notes will enable you to prepare questions relevant to the topic and overview.

It will also include a roadmap for you to follow in your classroom discussion, and which section should get how much of your time and effort. Towards the end, it will wrap up what you have taught with a neat summary and conclusion. Therefore, with the right set of teaching notes from us at Notes Mantra, you can improve your teaching prowess within and outside your classroom.



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