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Anmol Publications PVT LTD [International Relations, 4th Edition Revised and Enlarged, Paperback] by Vinay Kumar Malhotra

Anmol Publications PVT LTD [International Relations, 4th Edition Revised and Enlarged, Paperback] by Vinay Kumar Malhotra

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1 Origin and growth of international relations 2 Nature scope and purpose of international relations 3 The nature and functioning of the sovereign state system 4 Concept of power 5 Elements of national power 6 National interest 7 Balance of power 8 Theories and approaches of international politics 9 Game and bargaining theories 10 The dependency theory 11 Deterrence theory 12 Functionalism and regionalism 13 Determinants of foreign policy 14 Foreign policy Choices and types 15 Cold war 16 New cold war 17 De?tente 18 De-colonization and Asian-African Resurgence 19 Non-alignment 20 Third world in international relations 21 North-South dialogue in the UN and Outside 22 New International economic order 23 The impact of nuclear weapons 24 Disarmament and arms control 25 Diplomacy 26 India?s foreign policy 27 Crisis management 28 Changed world scenario and new pattern of international relations 29 Universalism and World Order International Organisations 30 The United Nations 31 The UN-Maintenance of peace and security Peaceful settlement and collective security 32 Post-cold war perspective and revision of the charter 33 Environment and international relations 34 Globalisation and international relations 35 International terrorism 36 Human rights and international relationsMany changes have taken place in international relations since 1993 when first edition of this book was published As against twenty-two chapters in the last edition the revised volume has grown into thirty-two Ten additional chapters relate to game theory bargaining theory dependency theory deterrence theory functionalism regionalism diplomacy crisis management universalism and world order the United Nations peaceful settlement and collective security post-cold war perspective and revision of the UN Charter Besides all the existing chapters have been revised and updated in the light of the latest developments In the last 100 years of international relations there were two major turning points; one after the Second World War 1945 and another after the end of the Cold War 1991 The first is known as post-World War II period and the second as post-Cold War era The present work covers the events of both these most significant periods of contemporary international relations The first fourteen chapters pertain to theoretical aspects of international relations such as growth nature and scope of International Relations; the functioning of the State system; national power; national interest; balance of power; approaches to International Relations; determinants and types of foreign policy; etc The subsequent eighteen chapters deal with practical international relations and policies that were maintainedplayed at international level from 1945 to this day The topics analyzed are cold war; détente; new cold war; Asian-African resurgence; non-alignment; third world; north-south dialogue; new international economic order; the impact of nuclear weapons; disarmament and arms control; changed world scenario and new pattern of international relations More than 55 years of Indias foreign policy has been condensed into a separate chapter for the convenience of the readers The revised edition is full of freshness and newness as it updates all-important facets of contemporary international relations This book will be very useful for students and teachers of International Relations Political Science History Diplomacy and International Organization It will be equally helpful to the candidates preparing for various competitive exams such as IAS IPS and central services

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